Massachusetts Commission for the Blind Award-Winning Case Study

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There comes a chance for everyone to shine, to be the superhero. In developing a customer experience strategy, the goal is to shine that light on the consumer. Make them feel like a superhero. To do this, companies need to understand who…

Immersive Branding

Omni-channel marketing occurs across different channels — social, email, and maybe mail. However, today’s consumers demand an immersive experience. Creating an immersive experience is about maintaining brand integrity at all stages and within a physical space. Its like developing your brand into a Disney Park Theme, where the brand is…

I have watched colorkarma grow over the past year, and it has been wonderful to see how many people come to read, watch and listen. I have spoken to teachers, educators, designers, and suppliers, and I am confident we share quality information with the design community.

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Why Creatives Should Understand Production & Manufacturing

As a trained designer…

Design processes were already moving towards 3D and digital. Our Design Dash is for all designers to begin thinking of designing in 3D.

Colorkarma is excited to announce our first Design Dash Contest. With our partner Gerber Technology, we invite all designers and creatives to submit their colorful, inspiring, calming, fun and creative design patterns for face-masks.

The winning mask design will be produced in the Gerber Technology’s Innovation Center in New York…


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