Five Packaging Design Trends that Work

bliss ‘s packaging which uses color to catageorize the different types

Health & Beauty

Over the past year, Target has been updating and rebranding its beauty department to compete with higher-end retailers like Sephora. Only a few years ago Target was like any other box retailer, carrying Maybelline, L’Oréal, Revlon and other common brands. Experience a Target today, and it is a vastly different experience.

Freakshow wine label captured the eye in both horizontal and landscape views. The metallic ink adds ‘pop’ when the light hits it.

Beer, Wine & Liquor

Craft beer, wine, and liquor are considered premium packaging, using specialty inks, embossing, UV coatings and, more recently, metallics. Brand names and labels have been vital in attracting and retaining customers. Popular wine names such as Layer Cake or Skinny Bitch have stood out in consumers ‘ minds for their name. However, looking for them solely on the label can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Carslberg beer shows off it’s new branding and plastic free six-pack.
Belu crystal-clear typography, glass conscious packaging sets itself apart.


When it comes to the beverage industry, we typically think of plastic bottles or cans. Over the past couple of years, brands have begun using flexo printing to shrink-wrap labels over the entire can. But when the product is water — some brands are taking a different approach. Belu water created a business that makes money and considers its impact to our planet, something every company should have in their mission statement. Belu is a UK-based not-for-profit bottled water company. Their bottles use 40% recycled glass with a clear label. Depending on the design, the interior of the bottle label looks like ocean waves or bubbles. Coupled with its crystal-clear typography, Belu’s packaging has set itself apart with an engaging product. The foreground and background are playful, and the brand has made a name for itself marketing through hotel chains. By moving away from plastic packaging, Belu communicates both quality and moral value.

Blush underwear is organized in a simple small package, decluttering the tables that once had loose panties on display.


When it comes to brick and mortar retail, shelf space is costly, no matter what is being sold. This is especially true for clothing items displayed on tables. Consider intimate apparel — if you are shopping at Macy’s, Kohl’s or Victoria’s Secret, there are often large tables of nicely folded panties for anyone to pick up and rummage through. These tables take up a lot of space, and store employees are continually rearranging and organizing items back to their uniform pattern, only to be messed up by the next customer.

Cosebella small, simple and luxury box-set.



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