Unboxing a Virtual Event — The Untapped Market

person pouring beer into a Untappd glass
Pulp form holds all types of beer shapes and bottles
Pulp form holds all types of beer shapes and bottles

Untapped Market

My husband loves craft beer. If we go anywhere new, he’s always checking out the local breweries and sampling craft beers. So it wasn’t surprising that he has become a fan of the Uptappd App.

Pulp form holds all types of beer shapes and bottles — Vertical

Unboxing a Virtual Event

The package arrived and looked like any other large brown corrugated box.

Marketing material in the Untappd box
QR codes in the unboxing take the consumer to a url for each chosen beer

So what makes this great?

The experience is its simplicity and hyper-focus on one thing. Gloss calendered paper costs more, and most commonly uses virgin pulp. I appreciate the brown and am impressed with the pulp packaging. Shipping cans and bottles are not easy; cans can get dented, shaken, or explode.

Untappd Unboxing is creative, environmental and engaging

Just because it is great, does not mean it can’t be improved.

Even the best products and experiences can be improved. While Untappd designed and delivered a great unboxing experience that tied directly to a digital event, I did have a few recommendations.


The bright clear Untappd branding, with a headline saying Rob, welcome to your 1st Virtual Happy Hour. We appreciate the 1,500 beers you have shared over the past 3 years. Your virtual event will begin at 5:30 pm on Friday and list a web URL or whatever you want. The backside can show all the badges Rob has collected through the years.

Marketing material from Untappd

Merging Physical and Digital to create one experience.

Based on the success of the first virtual session (5,000+ registered users and their Untappd brew channel had 100,000 viewers), I know my husband will be signing up for more.



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